Benefits of DefiniPoint

DefiniPoint is a Simpler, Faster, and More Convenient way for Parents and Teachers to complete ADHD rating scales

Simple, Fast, And Convenient

DefiniPoint delivers the rating scales to you via a secure website - No need to burden the Child with having to hand-deliver paper ADHD rating scales to the Teacher

DefiniPoint removes the need to keep up with paper forms - Your rating scale is online waiting for you to find a convenient time to complete it

DefiniPoint allows you to complete rating scales online - anytime from anywhere - When it's convenient for you, simply logon to the secure DefiniPoint website and complete the rating scale 

DefiniPoint lets you immediately submit completed rating scales- when you are finished it is automatically sent to the Clinician or Professional, no more mailing it back or bringing it to the office 


DefiniPoint automatically sends reminders - If the due date is approaching, DefiniPoint will remind you to complete the rating scale

With the automated reminders, DefiniPoint helps clinicians and professionals to gather this important information quickly.

On average, rating scales are returned in less than 4 days.