Clinical Benefits of Online ADHD Rating Scales

More data.  Less time.  Less hassle.

DefiniPoint makes it easy to conduct a best-practice ADHD evaluation by enabling clinicians to gather more data in less time with less hassle.  

It is well-recognized that ADHD evaluations require behavioral information from multiple individuals- parents, teachers, and others. A benefit of DefiniPoint is that clinicians can easily gather information from all the teachers, parents, and other individuals involved in a client's life, resulting in better clinical insights.


More Data

Less Time

Less Hassle

Simpler, Faster, and More Convenient Experience for Everyone

online ADHD rating scales save time



Compare and Integrate Results

Clinical research shows that classification accuracy of rating scales is improved by gathering additional behavioral information from multiple individuals. DefiniPoint makes it easy to use rating scales to obtain this important information.  DefiniPoint also makes it easy to interpret and compare this additional data- from a top-level single score to customizable multi-informant reports.  More details on scoring and comparison are found in Clinical Framework.

Evaluation of Outcomes

With DefiniPoint, Clinicians can easily gather behavioral information on a routine basis to evaluate treatment outcomes and progress.  DefiniPoint includes multiple instruments specifically designed to be used for routine monitoring.  Longitudinal reports include easy to interpret graphs showing the change of ADHD symptoms over time.  With a simple click of the "Follow-up" button, clinicians can assign follow-up rating scales to multiple individuals- it's that easy.

Longitudinal plot