Price and Reimbursement

Flexible Pricing 

The pricing structure of DefiniPoint is aligned with our goal of facilitating best practice ADHD evaluations. For one flat price, clinicians can use all the instruments in DefiniPoint to gather information from as many individuals as they want. Unlike paper-and-pencil there is no additional charge for each informant or each rating scale.

You can purchase one at a time, save with Volume Discounts, or have Unlimited Use- options to fit every practice.


Reimbursement of DefiniPoint as part of a comprehensive mental health evaluation is available. Both insurers and Medicaid recognize the important role of standardized ADHD rating scales and reimburse their use in the conduct of mental health assessments. In general, DefiniPoint is categorized as computer-based testing which has a specific CPT code and is "reimbursable."  Additional details on reimbursement are available to Clinicians inside DefiniPoint.

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