How DefiniPoint Works For Parents & Teachers

For the diagnosis of ADHD, medical guidelines recommend the use of standardized ADHD rating scales to obtain information directly from Parents and Teachers regarding a Child's behaviors. However, because the current paper-and-pencil based process is inconvenient and cumbersome, obtaining this information from busy Parents and Teachers is difficult.

Attention Point has developed DefiniPoint, a secure online assessment tool that allows for easy distribution, access, completion, and scoring of ADHD rating scales, making the assessment process more convenient and efficient for everyone.

DefiniPoint uses a secure website that allows Clinicians or Professionals to request behavioral information from Parents, Teachers, and others involved in a child's life. After you've received a request via email, you can securely log into DefiniPoint and easily provide this behavioral information -anytime, anywhere - whenever it's most convenient for you. The Clinician or Professional can then easily score the tests and quickly generate reports.

Because DefiniPoint is simple and easy for everyone involved, it is an efficient way to gather behavioral information.

This information is critical for an initial diagnosis of ADHD and is part of a best practice ADHD management plan.  Once an ADHD diagnosis is made, Clinicians or Professionals use DefiniPoint to evaluate outcomes and track treatment progress over time.  78% of Parents and Teachers who have used DefiniPoint indicated they are more likely to provide ongoing information by using DefiniPoint.

Here's a short video describing the benefits of tracking ADHD treatment progress.