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DefiniPoint is a Simpler, Faster, and More Convenient way for Parents and Teachers to complete ADHD rating scales

In these pages you can see how DefiniPoint helps Clinicians and Professionals to gather information from Parents, Teachers, and Others regarding an individual's ADHD behaviors. DefiniPoint is a secure online assessment tool that allows for easy distribution, access, completion, and scoring of ADHD rating scales, making the assessment process more convenient and efficient for everyone.

This behavioral information is critical for the initial diagnosis of ADHD and part of a best practice ADHD management plan.

DefiniPoint is easy for Parents and Teachers to use

After a child is diagnosed with ADHD, it is important for parents, teachers, clinicians, and professionals to have regular ongoing communication. DefiniPoint facilitates this communication and enables clinicians/professionals to easily gather behavioral information on a routine basis to evaluate treatment outcomes and monitor progress.  See why clinicians believe this is important.


*Because the protection and handling of patient/client information is critical, we have implemented processes that comply with HIPAA, making DefiniPoint HIPAA and HITECH compliant. Before any sensitive information is sent from DefiniPoint, clinicians certify that appropriate release of information forms have been obtained. The DefiniPoint website uses the same secure communication encryption (256 bit SSL) used for credit card transactions. Additionally, all PHI is maintained on servers inside the jurisdiction of the US, so you can be assured which laws and standards apply.