Clinician Testimonials

Here's what Key Opinion Leaders are saying about DefiniPoint.

"The ease of using DefiniPoint in ADHD evaluations due to the online administrations and automatic scoring has made DefiniPoint one of the necessary components in ADHD evaluations within my practice.
DefiniPoint enables me to assess children for symptoms of ADHD across numerous raters and settings to provide more accurate ADHD diagnoses.
The integrated data provided through DefiniPoint has increased my confidence in providing comprehensive ADHD assessments."

About Andrea Foutz

Andrea received her Ed.S. in School Psychology from Radford University in 1994.  She worked as a School Psychologist in public school settings from 1994-2006 in South Carolina, North Carolina, and Virginia.  From 2006-2007 Andrea completed a residency in the private practice sector and took over as the owner and director of the Developmental Assessment and Counseling Center in 2009 where she remains currently.  Andrea provides comprehensive psychological assessments for children and young adults, specializing in ADHD and learning disability assessments. 

Andrea is a member of NASP and APA.  She has participated in the renorming and standardization of numerous assessments such as the KABC-II and the KTEA-II.  Andrea has also been supervising school psychology graduate students from Radford University in their practicums and internships since 2004. 

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